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RDP authentication error

Hello! I am trying to set up an RDP session as indicated here:

rdp.open_platform_session(    '8e9bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1b035d',     rdp.GrantPassword(        'my_login',         'my_password'    ) )

Using the app key generated for EDP API (from App Key Generator on the terminal) and typical login/password credentials I am using for Eikon, but get a Logging error.

Message: ElektronError(-1, 'TypeError("Expected object of type bytes or bytearray, got: <class \'str\'>")') Arguments: ('EDP Authentication failed',)

Could you help me please, what I am doing wrong?

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Hi @alex.yermolayev

Are you unable to get any headlines, regardless of the query?

I tried to recreate your scenario and whilst I can get headlines from a Platform session, I cannot get any from a Desktop session either.

I have already emailed the product owner to report this - as you are aware the Refinitiv Data Platform library is in Beta.

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Hi @ Umer, yes, I cannot get any headlines, regardless of the query if I am using a desktop session.

And I cannot log into Platform session at all, I get a Logging error as described above. Do I need to use any specific credentials to open a Platform session? Many thanks.

Hi @alex.yermolayev

A Platform session will require a Refinitiv Data Platform account - you can request a trial from your Refinitiv Account manager if you wish. If you don't know who this is, let me know and I can try and reach out to them internally - so they can contact you directly.

Or you can use the Eikon Data API as suggested by Olivier Davant in his reply above.

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Hi @alex.yermolayev, Your Eikon credentials cannot be used with RDP platform session. Please use a desktop session for that.

Eikon has to be running on the local machine. The generated APP KEY should have Eikon scope selected.

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Hi @alex.yermolayev,

Access to the Refinitiv Data Platform News service via a DesktopSession is not yet possible with this version of the service. Currently this only works with a PlatformSession (that requires Refinitiv Data Platform credentials) or alternatively with the get_news_headlines() function of the Eikon Data API (more details in this tutorial).
Another possible option is to use the DesktopSession to subscribe to streaming news headlines (here is an example).

Refinitiv Data Platform Library functions return None in case of error. More details about the error can be retrieved using the rdp.get_last_status() function.

Hi @Olivier Davant,

I see. What do you mean under Refinitiv Data Platform Credentials, how are they different from Eikon Premium package credentials and how can I apply to get those?

The problem is that even with the Desktop Session I get "None" returned for all news headlines searches.

Many thanks.

By Refinitiv Data Platform credentials I mean a machine account (or user account) for a direct connection to the Refinitiv Data Platform via a PlatformSession. These accounts are part of our Enterprise offering and are not covered your Eikon Premium Package (This may be a conversation to have with your Refinitiv Account Manager).

The DesktopSession you are using connects to the Refinitiv Data Platform via Eikon using you Eikon credentials (login). Unfortunately the news service of the platform does not allow Eikon users to retrieve news headlines yet. This is why you're receiving a None value. This will eventually change but I don't know when.

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Hi @Gurpreet. Many thanks, I tried this. I am able to open a desktop session, but when I follow the instructions here:

Namely, trying to get the news for "LFR", I get nothing returned. Please see:

rdp.get_news_headlines(query = 'LFR', count = 350)

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