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EIKON DATA API ; how can we setup a proxy and port?

Hi all,

I am trying the tutorial:

data = ek.get_timeseries('AAPL.O',  # the RIC for Apple, Inc.
                         fields='*',  # all fields
                         start_date='2017-01-01',  # start date
                         end_date='2017-12-31')  # end date

When requesting data I have got the following errors (I need to download via a proxy because I am requesting from a company):

                                                 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"> <html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><style type="text/css">html,body{height:100%;padding:0;margin:0;}.oc{display:table;width:100%;height:100%;}.ic{display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;height:100%;}div.msg{display:block;border:1px solid #30c;padding:0;width:500px;font-family:helvetica,sans-serif;margin:10px auto;}h1{font-weight:bold;color:#fff;font-size:14px;margin:0;padding:2px;text-align:center;background: #30c;}p{font-size:12px;margin:15px auto;width:75%;font-family:helvetica,sans-serif;text-align:left;}</style><title>403 Forbidden: incorrect proxy service was requested</title></head><body><div class="oc"><div class="ic"><div class="msg"><h1>403 Forbidden: incorrect proxy service was requested</h1><p><p>The webserver reported that an error occurred while trying to access the website.  Please click <u><a href="javascript:history.back()">here</a></u> to return to the previous page.</p> <p>    URL:;br />    <br/>User name:     <br/>Group name: </p></p></div></div></div></body></html> 
2020-12-02 12:10:31,967 P[47248] [MainThread 18444] HTTP request failed: EikonError-Client Error: <!-- IE friendly error message walkround.             if error message from server is less than        512 bytes IE v5+ will use its own error          message instead of the one returned by           server.     

Can you help please?

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Hi @gmtm.projectoffice

You can contact your Refinitiv Account Manager or Refinitiv CSM to get more information on the required proxy/firewall rules.

I reached out to your account manager, Manoj Naran Dullabh, and informed him to contact you regarding this.

Alternatively, you can contact Refinitiv Helpdesk to ask for required network rules at

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In fact I want to integrate a proxy into my python code . I am not talking about the "Eikon PROXY API".I have tried this piece of code but it is not working:

import httplib2

# detect presense of proxy and use env varibles if they exist

pi = httplib2.proxy_info_from_environment()

if pi:

import socks

socks.setdefaultproxy(pi.proxy_type, pi.proxy_host, pi.proxy_port)


# now all calls through httplib2 should use the proxy settings



020-12-03 10:25:36,159 P[54288] [MainThread 39244] Error: no proxy address identified. Check if Eikon Desktop or Eikon API Proxy is running. 2020-12-03 10:25:36,160 P[54288] [MainThread 39244] Port number was not identified, cannot send any request
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The Eikon API only makes request to a locally running Eikon / API Proxy application. I believe you should not apply proxy settings to your Python code. Instead, ensure that Eikon is working through the proxy. The Eikon API should then work correctly.

Hope this helps!