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For EMA application, is that better to implement with LPC?

Considering the internet connection not so stable as direct connect, is that better to ask the client to use LPC to take the job of token refresh and runs the EMA app behind it? in comparison with the EMA application directly connect to RTO via internet. And any other benefits?

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Hi @Frederic

The use of LPC is only advised as a last resort where the client is refusing/unable to convert their legacy API application to a newer Strategic API that supports RTO.

As you know LPC is acting as a bridge/middleware between the legacy API application and RTO. If your customer is finding their RTO connection is not stable, I would not expect LPC to improve the stability of their RTO connection.

Therefore, I would not recommend an EMA application using LPC to source data from RTO.

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Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.

If RTO connection is not stable, how to mitigate that? :) or they should accept that the quality is as such.

Besides that, any network tool may validate the data connection quality for RTO?

HI @Frederic

That is something to take up with the RTO team and product owners.

EMA is designed to try and recover from RTO disconnect whenever possible.

I assume your client is using ChannelSet to specify more than one region location - so that EMA can try to connect to different regions if required?

Enterprise Message API (EMA) - Configuration Overview | Refinitiv Developers

yes, they are using the channel set in the EmaConfig.xml (with us-east and ap-southeast). since the stream is still OPEN, so i would suggest the client to implement the message call back method in a light way.

The issue is they have 4 applications (2 in docker and 2 on PC without docker) using the same machine id (we are asking 'back office' to add more), only 1 applications met such issue and the others look good.

I agree with Umer that you should use LPC as a last resort, but it may be useful as a comparison against your coded EMA application.

You will need to check with your network/comms team to determine the stability of your Internet connections. RTO offers standard and premium resiliency for connection recovery. Please read the RTO manuals to understand the offerings.

I saw that you are using the same machine ID among your applications. This may be used only if you are not using the ID simultaneously among applications. If you use the ID simultaneously (not a Refinitiv recommendation), disconnections and timeouts will occur because the authentication system gets confused about token ownership among the applications.

Many thanks @christopher.dugan1