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RTMD service LL2 one update, no more updates come

RTMD service

I am trying to get LL2 ESZ1 real-time with the code

I get one update and nothing else.

For example to get quotas + trades ESZ1 with this code is not difficult, updates go quickly.

Can you tell me what is wrong with the code for LL2?

OmmConsumer consumer("1**.***.***.*:14002").username("EM1_****_*********"));
        consumer.registerClient(ReqMsg().serviceName("hEDD").domainType(MMT_MARKET_PRICE).name("ESZ1m"), client)        sleep(1200000); 

One update, no more updates come

    TimeStamp: 15:10:48.412
    ClientName: ChannelCallbackClient
    Severity: Success
    Text:    Received ChannelUp event on channel Channel_1
        Instance Name Consumer_1_1
        Connected component version: ads3.5.0.L1.linux.rrg 64-bit

    domain="MarketPrice Domain"
    state="Open / Ok / None / '**All is well'"
    itemGroup="00 28"
    permissionData="03 01 03 50 58 C0"
    Payload dataType="FieldList"
        FieldList FieldListNum="38" DictionaryId="1"
            FieldEntry fid="1" name="PROD_PERM" dataType="UInt" value="5058"
            FieldEntry fid="2" name="RDNDISPLAY" dataType="UInt" value="53"
            FieldEntry fid="3" name="DSPLY_NAME" dataType="Rmtes" value="EMINI S&P DEC1"
            FieldEntry fid="4" name="RDN_EXCHID" dataType="Enum" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="5" name="TIMACT" dataType="Time" value="12:10:00:000:000:000"
            FieldEntry fid="15" name="CURRENCY" dataType="Enum" value="840"
            FieldEntry fid="17" name="ACTIV_DATE" dataType="Date" value="03 DEC 2021"
            FieldEntry fid="259" name="RECORDTYPE" dataType="UInt" value="114"
            FieldEntry fid="291" name="NO_BIDMMKR" dataType="Real" value="10"
            FieldEntry fid="292" name="NO_ASKMMKR" dataType="Real" value="9"
            FieldEntry fid="436" name="BEST_BID1" dataType="Real" value="4572.25"
            FieldEntry fid="437" name="BEST_BID2" dataType="Real" value="4572"
            FieldEntry fid="438" name="BEST_BID3" dataType="Real" value="4571.75"
            FieldEntry fid="439" name="BEST_BID4" dataType="Real" value="4571.5"
            FieldEntry fid="440" name="BEST_BID5" dataType="Real" value="4571.25"
            FieldEntry fid="441" name="BEST_ASK1" dataType="Real" value="4572.5"
            FieldEntry fid="442" name="BEST_ASK2" dataType="Real" value="4572.75"
            FieldEntry fid="443" name="BEST_ASK3" dataType="Real" value="4573"
            FieldEntry fid="444" name="BEST_ASK4" dataType="Real" value="4573.25"
            FieldEntry fid="445" name="BEST_ASK5" dataType="Real" value="4573.5"
            FieldEntry fid="730" name="BEST_BSIZ1" dataType="Real" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="731" name="BEST_BSIZ2" dataType="Real" value="36"
            FieldEntry fid="732" name="BEST_BSIZ3" dataType="Real" value="21"
            FieldEntry fid="733" name="BEST_BSIZ4" dataType="Real" value="51"
            FieldEntry fid="734" name="BEST_BSIZ5" dataType="Real" value="32"
            FieldEntry fid="735" name="BEST_ASIZ1" dataType="Real" value="11"
            FieldEntry fid="736" name="BEST_ASIZ2" dataType="Real" value="91"
            FieldEntry fid="737" name="BEST_ASIZ3" dataType="Real" value="33"
            FieldEntry fid="738" name="BEST_ASIZ4" dataType="Real" value="34"
            FieldEntry fid="739" name="BEST_ASIZ5" dataType="Real" value="35"
            FieldEntry fid="740" name="NO_BIDMKR2" dataType="Real" value="24"
            FieldEntry fid="741" name="NO_BIDMKR3" dataType="Real" value="12"
            FieldEntry fid="742" name="NO_BIDMKR4" dataType="Real" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="743" name="NO_BIDMKR5" dataType="Real" value="24"
            FieldEntry fid="744" name="NO_ASKMKR2" dataType="Real" value="16"
            FieldEntry fid="745" name="NO_ASKMKR3" dataType="Real" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="746" name="NO_ASKMKR4" dataType="Real" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="747" name="NO_ASKMKR5" dataType="Real" value="25"
            FieldEntry fid="1080" name="PREF_DISP" dataType="UInt" value="1845"
            FieldEntry fid="1352" name="DSPLY_NMLL" dataType="Rmtes" value="CME Market Depth"
            FieldEntry fid="1709" name="RDN_EXCHD2" dataType="Enum" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="2407" name="BEST_BID6" dataType="Real" value="4571"
            FieldEntry fid="2408" name="BEST_BID7" dataType="Real" value="4570.75"
            FieldEntry fid="2409" name="BEST_BID8" dataType="Real" value="4570.5"
            FieldEntry fid="2410" name="BEST_BID9" dataType="Real" value="4570.25"
            FieldEntry fid="2411" name="BEST_BID10" dataType="Real" value="4570"
            FieldEntry fid="2412" name="BEST_ASK6" dataType="Real" value="4573.75"
            FieldEntry fid="2413" name="BEST_ASK7" dataType="Real" value="4574"
            FieldEntry fid="2414" name="BEST_ASK8" dataType="Real" value="4574.25"
            FieldEntry fid="2415" name="BEST_ASK9" dataType="Real" value="4574.5"
            FieldEntry fid="2416" name="BEST_ASK10" dataType="Real" value="4574.75"
            FieldEntry fid="2417" name="BEST_BSIZ6" dataType="Real" value="33"
            FieldEntry fid="2418" name="BEST_BSIZ7" dataType="Real" value="39"
            FieldEntry fid="2419" name="BEST_BSIZ8" dataType="Real" value="43"
            FieldEntry fid="2420" name="BEST_BSIZ9" dataType="Real" value="45"
            FieldEntry fid="2421" name="BEST_BSZ10" dataType="Real" value="47"
            FieldEntry fid="2422" name="BEST_ASIZ6" dataType="Real" value="30"
            FieldEntry fid="2423" name="BEST_ASIZ7" dataType="Real" value="49"
            FieldEntry fid="2424" name="BEST_ASIZ8" dataType="Real" value="46"
            FieldEntry fid="2425" name="BEST_ASIZ9" dataType="Real" value="42"
            FieldEntry fid="2426" name="BEST_ASZ10" dataType="Real" value="42"
            FieldEntry fid="2427" name="NO_BIDMKR6" dataType="Real" value="26"
            FieldEntry fid="2428" name="NO_BIDMKR7" dataType="Real" value="28"
            FieldEntry fid="2429" name="NO_BIDMKR8" dataType="Real" value="30"
            FieldEntry fid="2430" name="NO_BIDMKR9" dataType="Real" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="2431" name="NO_BIDMK10" dataType="Real" value="30"
            FieldEntry fid="2432" name="NO_ASKMKR6" dataType="Real" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="2433" name="NO_ASKMKR7" dataType="Real" value="32"
            FieldEntry fid="2434" name="NO_ASKMKR8" dataType="Real" value="29"
            FieldEntry fid="2435" name="NO_ASKMKR9" dataType="Real" value="26"
            FieldEntry fid="2436" name="NO_ASKMK10" dataType="Real" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="3263" name="PREV_DISP" dataType="UInt" value="(blank data)"
            FieldEntry fid="3422" name="PROV_SYMB" dataType="Rmtes" value="(blank data)"
            FieldEntry fid="3694" name="MNEMONIC" dataType="Rmtes" value="ES"
            FieldEntry fid="4148" name="TIMACT_MS" dataType="UInt" value="43849475"
            FieldEntry fid="5357" name="CONTEXT_ID" dataType="Real" value="1248"
            FieldEntry fid="6401" name="DDS_DSO_ID" dataType="UInt" value="8381"
            FieldEntry fid="6480" name="SPS_SP_RIC" dataType="Ascii" value=".[SPSCMF02L2"
            FieldEntry fid="6516" name="BOOK_STATE" dataType="Enum" value="1"
            FieldEntry fid="6517" name="HALT_REASN" dataType="Rmtes" value="0"
            FieldEntry fid="6544" name="NO_BIDORD1" dataType="UInt" value="10"
            FieldEntry fid="6545" name="NO_BIDORD2" dataType="UInt" value="24"
            FieldEntry fid="6546" name="NO_BIDORD3" dataType="UInt" value="12"
            FieldEntry fid="6547" name="NO_BIDORD4" dataType="UInt" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="6548" name="NO_BIDORD5" dataType="UInt" value="24"
            FieldEntry fid="6549" name="NO_BIDORD6" dataType="UInt" value="26"
            FieldEntry fid="6550" name="NO_BIDORD7" dataType="UInt" value="28"
            FieldEntry fid="6551" name="NO_BIDORD8" dataType="UInt" value="30"
            FieldEntry fid="6552" name="NO_BIDORD9" dataType="UInt" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="6553" name="NO_BIDRD10" dataType="UInt" value="30"
            FieldEntry fid="6554" name="NO_ASKORD1" dataType="UInt" value="9"
            FieldEntry fid="6555" name="NO_ASKORD2" dataType="UInt" value="16"
            FieldEntry fid="6556" name="NO_ASKORD3" dataType="UInt" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="6557" name="NO_ASKORD4" dataType="UInt" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="6558" name="NO_ASKORD5" dataType="UInt" value="25"
            FieldEntry fid="6559" name="NO_ASKORD6" dataType="UInt" value="22"
            FieldEntry fid="6560" name="NO_ASKORD7" dataType="UInt" value="32"
            FieldEntry fid="6561" name="NO_ASKORD8" dataType="UInt" value="29"
            FieldEntry fid="6562" name="NO_ASKORD9" dataType="UInt" value="26"
            FieldEntry fid="6563" name="NO_ASKRD10" dataType="UInt" value="23"
            FieldEntry fid="6614" name="TRD_STATUS" dataType="Enum" value="1"
            FieldEntry fid="6615" name="HALT_RSN" dataType="Enum" value="0"


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1 Answer

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Hi @s61670

I just ran the Consumer100 example for ESZ1m for 1 minute and received 134 updates - see attached file. The key difference is that am consuming data from our RTO service ELEKTRON_DD and you are consuming data from the hEDD (which if I remember correctly is a direct feed service?)

Either you are not handling the updateMsgs correctly or there is some issue with the hEDD service.

If you test with the Consumer 100 example and still do not see updates, then I recommend you raise a Content-type ticket for the RTMDS product at My.Refinitiv - so that the RTMDS team can check the hEDD feed.

We on the Q&A Forum are not able to investigate feed content issues.


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Either you are not handling the updateMsgs correctly or there is some issue with the hEDD service.


Thank you for your reply.

Please tell me about the processing of the correct updateMsgs.

Can you show the code section where it is handled and the correct code?

Yes, we have direct feed service

Hi @s61670

Almost every one of our RT-SDK CPP Consumer examples demonstrates handling of Refresh, Update and Status Messages.

Therefore, please run a test using one of our basic examples such as Cons100 - perhaps change the sleep() to a longer value - in case your RIC does not update that frequently e.g.

sleep( 600000)

Let the example run during active Market times and see if you receive Updates.

IF you do not see any then please raise a ticket with the RTMDS team indicating that you consumed a RIC - using a standard RT-SDK example and you only saw Refresh and no Updates - during the time period that you tested.