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Sourcing Text from PDF filings in NEWS

I am downloading a list of company documents via the following script:

query = 'PresetTopic:[Filings: All] OR PresetTopic:[Transcripts: All] OR PresetTopic:[Press Releases] \
             AND R:' + eikon_id + ' AND Language:LEN'

df = ek.get_news_headlines(query = query, count=100, date_from=start_d, date_to=end_d)

With the relevant variables set up, I am able to successfully source the stories, whose bodies in text format are then scanned via the following code:

newsText = ek.get_news_story(story_id)

Unfortunately I am encountering the issue that for those filings which rely on a PDF, the code above only provides a link to the document within the Refinitiv workstation, like the following example:


Is there any way I can download the PDF to perform the document scan correctly? As there can be hundreds of documents, the prospect of manually downloading all of those is not feasible.

Would using the RDP API work better in this case?

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1 Answer

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Hello @Giorgio Cozzolino ,

Please note that Refinitiv Data Platform - Filings is a separate product from Refinitiv Eikon/Refinitiv Workspace that can be accessed via Eikon Data API python.

If this is of interest- please find Filings API Developers Guide and article Introduction To Filings - Python to help with programmatic integration of thereof.

You may wish to reach out to your organization's Refintiiv account manager, to discuss your organization's requirements, and be advised on the best way to meet them.

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