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get_data return inconsistent with growing instrument list

Hi, I've been trying to get contract meta data using the function ek.get_data, but the output depends on how many instruments you put in.

Below I have a list of 300 different historical RICs, if I pull all at once, the column TR.FOTickerSymbol is not populated, but if I split the instrument list in two it does get populated. It only seems to affect this column in my example.

This behavior is not consistent, for some RIC combinations I observe the issue below, for other RIC combinations I dont see this.

An example to reproduce:

import eikon as ek

fields= ['TR.InstrumentDescription','TR.AssetCategory','TR.FOTickerSymbol']

instruments = ['LCCF1^2',

data,message = ek.get_data(instruments ,fields)
data1,message = ek.get_data(instruments[:150] ,fields)
data2,message = ek.get_data(instruments[150:] ,fields)

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Hi @eddy_de_groot

I just tested and replicated the same behavior. In fact, if I increase your :150 to :278 it works. Changing to :279 fails.

I've reported the issue to the development team.

Hi Nick, we're one month later, any information on this so far?

Hi @eddy_de_groot

The engineering team have confirmed and identified issues with the processing of this request. I've reached out again to get a status - will update here when I hear back.

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