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Issue with Production Market Data Service (using EIKON/EMA jar version

Asking on behalf of the client.

We (Chelmer/Hobson Wealth details below) had an issue with our Production Market Data Service (using EIKON/EMA jar version where we received an unsolicited and malformed depth message for AIR.NZ (which we have no record having requested) and we were not able to read the summary data of the message.
It seems that after having seen this problem, Refinitiv stopped responding to all of our requests until we restarted our service. We already listen for errors from Refinitiv’s side and recreate our OmmConsumer as needed, however we did not see an error status message. All communication from Refinitiv ceased after this malformed message.

refinitiv-api-servicename= ELEKTRON_DD
refinitiv-api-username= GE-A-01451364-3-8560
refinitiv-api-clientid= 212af946ebac4f4aa726dc14d86ccb045f849837

This is the stacktrace: (when we called com.refinitiv.ema.access.Map.summaryData().fieldList(); ) The malformed Map object had the values of ObjectID 231, _encodeComplete = false, _dataCode = 0, _asHex = null.

At 16:45:52 (GMT+12)
at com.refinitiv.ema.access.PayloadAttribSummaryImpl.fieldList()
at com.chelmer.mds.refinitiv.RefinitivDepthOmmConsumerClient.decodeDateAndTime(MarketDataDepth, Map)
at com.chelmer.mds.refinitiv.RefinitivDepthOmmConsumerClient.decodeDepthWithOrdersSnapshotMessage(String, Map)
at com.chelmer.mds.refinitiv.RefinitivDepthOmmConsumerClient.onRefreshMsg(RefreshMsg, OmmConsumerEvent)
at com.refinitiv.ema.access.ItemCallbackClientConsumer.notifyOnRefreshMsg()
at com.refinitiv.ema.access.ItemCallbackClient.processRefreshMsg(Msg, ReactorChannel, DataDictionary)
at com.refinitiv.ema.access.ItemCallbackClient.defaultMsgCallback(ReactorMsgEvent)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Reactor.sendDefaultMsgCallback(ReactorChannel, TransportBuffer, Msg, WatchlistStreamInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Reactor.sendAndHandleDefaultMsgCallback(String, ReactorChannel, TransportBuffer, Msg, WatchlistStreamInfo, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.WlItemHandler.callbackUser(String, Msg, MsgBase, WlRequest, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.WlItemHandler.readRefreshMsg(WlStream, RefreshMsg, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.WlItemHandler.readMsg(WlStream, DecodeIterator, Msg, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Watchlist.readMsg(WlStream, DecodeIterator, Msg, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Reactor.processRwfMessage(TransportBuffer, Buffer, ReactorChannel, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Reactor.performChannelRead(ReactorChannel, ReadArgs, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.Reactor.dispatchChannel(ReactorChannel, ReactorDispatchOptions, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.eta.valueadd.reactor.ReactorChannel.dispatch(ReactorDispatchOptions, ReactorErrorInfo)
at com.refinitiv.ema.access.OmmBaseImpl.rsslReactorDispatchLoop(long, int)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


Waiting for your response.

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@raymund tan

It could be a problem in the content or in the API.

The summary data may not contain data so the application must check it before accessing the summary data. The code looks like this:

if (refreshMsg.payload().map().summaryData().dataType() != DataTypes.NO_DATA) {
            FieldList fl = refreshMsg.payload().map().summaryData().fieldList();

However, to verify the problem, the client needs to enable XML tracing in the EMA by adding the XmlTraceToStdout configuration in the consumer.

            <Name value="Consumer_4"/>
            <Channel value="Channel_4"/>
            <Dictionary value="Dictionary_2"/>
            <XmlTraceToStdout value="1"/>

With this configuration, the XML trace will display on the console, and then we can verify the content retrieved by EMA.

<!-- Incoming Reactor message -->
<!-- java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connected local=/] -->
<!-- Wed Jul 06 12:28:46 ICT 2022 -->

<!-- rwfMajorVer="14" rwfMinorVer="1" -->
<REFRESH domainType="SOURCE" streamId="2" containerType="MAP" flags="0x168 (HAS_MSG_KEY|SOLICITED|REFRESH_COMPLETE|CLEAR_CACHE)" groupId="0" State: Open/Ok/None - text: "" dataSize="881">
    <key flags="0x08 (HAS_FILTER)" filter="63"/>
        <map flags="0x00" countHint="0" keyPrimitiveType="UINT" containerType="FILTER_LIST" >
            <mapEntry flags="0x00" action="ADD" key="257" >
                <filterList containerType="ELEMENT_LIST" countHint="0" flags="0x00">
                    <filterEntry id="1" action="SET" flags="0x00" containerType="ELEMENT_LIST">
                        <elementList flags="0x08 (HAS_STANDARD_DATA)">
                            <elementEntry name="Name" dataType="ASCII_STRING" data="ELEKTRON_DD"/>
                            <elementEntry name="SupportsQoSRange" dataType="UINT" data="0"/>
                            <elementEntry name="Capabilities" dataType="ARRAY">
                                <array itemLength="1" primitiveType="UINT">
                                    <arrayEntry data="5"/>
                                    <arrayEntry data="6"/>
                                    <arrayEntry data="7"/>

Otherwise, if the client has RDC contacts, the client can submit this issue directly to the API Support team via Contact Premium Support.

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Hello @raymund tan

Please be informed that if the client is an RDC contact, the "Contact premium support" button will be available on the RTSDK Java (and C++) page.

Hi, yes we have confirmed that we received another depth message without summary data (and only in production - other envs are fine). We need the summary data to extract a timestamp so we will now drop the message and log it as malformed. Odd that it is present for 99% of depth messages.

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