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Service discovery Private Link, AWS Direct Connect and Delivery Direct

Which request I have to make if I want to do a service discovery ( streaming pricing end points) if I connect through:

1. AWS Private Link

2. AWS Direct Connect

3. Delivery Direct

Does the service discovery requests has to be made over the internet ?

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1 Answer

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Hi @wo ,

These are excellent questions- let me try to address them.

Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized Install and Config Guide contains much of the relevant details on this subject for developers.

For AWS Private Link integration, service discovery is recommended, refer to section Using Service Discovery for PrivateLinks:

"...This release introduces several optional boolean parameters (listed on the following table), with the only expected value being true.

For example:



I believe for service discovery with Delivery Direct connectivity option, the same discovery endpoint should be used in the same way, but for the streaming pricing, the next step, it may require additional network whitelistings, that are described in section Using AWS PrivateLink-> Firewall Whitelisting


Service discovery is a discrete request response that goes over the internet. I could not find the description of any other usage in the configuration guide. Because the alternative option for Private Link is not included in the guide, and because Private link requests require being in the same availability zone with the streaming pricing endpoints- please see configuration diagram in AWS PrivateLink Access Configuration- I believe this to be the only option.

Additionally, a client should have an Refinitiv Real-time Optimized email welcome letter, with the details pertaining to their connectivity option, user id and instructions for the next steps, prior to configuring and testing the RTO connections, and if a specific issue or a specific concern with the local configuration comes up, the best approach is to engage with RTO support directly to verify the issue.

Hope that this information is of help

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