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Issue with file-based price request for user id 9030505

Hi All,

We use file-based (sftp push and pull) approach for UserId 9030505 to get the prices for one of our clients.

We saw one issue on 4th Nov for one of the files 'PRD_Price_PremEOD_NonFI-ANZ.20221104163507.csv' for which we were trying to download using winscp and got error for almost an hour from the time of its availability. Usually, this file is available at 12am CST and it will be downloaded immediately. However, on Nov 4th the file was available at around the same time, but we could not download it till 01:30am CST. Here is the error that we were getting for almost an hour

ERROR,"Area:NoArea", "Message:Error while attempting to download file. "", "Pattern: PRD_Price_*.????????.csv","Code:8-RefinitivResponse-Pull", "User:r9030505"", "FilePath:PRD_Price_PremEOD_NonFI-ANZ.20221104163507.csv","When:04 Nov 2022 01:23:55,03", "Source file: FTPManager.cs", "Member: DownloadIfNotDownloaded", "Line No.: 281","Event No: 0500001","Instance:FileManager-N01-LinkFundSolutions",

WinSCP.SessionRemoteException: Network error: Software caused connection abort

Can't get attributes of file '/reports/PRD_Price_PremEOD_NonFI-ANZ.20221104163507.csv'.

at WinSCP.OperationResultBase.Check().

Is it possible for you guys to check whether there any issue wrt to this file on that day from refinitiv side. We checked from our network side, and nothing seems to be strange on FIS end and all looks good here and we could download rest of the file for that day without any issue. Only this file had a problem. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Pooja CM

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1 Answer

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Hello ,

This forum can be of most help to you with API usage questions and issues.

From your description, that the file was not downloadable, and then it became downloadable, this does not look to be related to API usage or WinSCP, rather either network related or service availability related.

I have checked with My Refinitiv -> Service Alerts -> Historical -> All


I see multiple Datascope Select product alerts on Nov 4th. If I have to guess, planned Datascope Select - Product Release - Extended Maintenance could be the cause of the service interruption that you have experienced.

For additional insight, would suggest verifying this directly with Datascope product support

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