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Dex2 Unable to collect data error


Eikon C++ COM API, Dex2.

Randomly, we receive "Unable to collect data for all requested fields" error as a response. Sometimes it's a legit error when no data exist for all requested RICs. But sometimes it's an incorrect answer.

Today we get this error on the following request:

Fields: TR.ISINCode,TR.SEDOLCode,TR.RICCode,TR.AssetCategoryCode
Request params: 
Display params: RH:In

The response is wrong because CVS.MX has TR.ISINCode.

This looks like a bug on Eikon side which is hard to reproduce. Usually if I re-run the same request I get the data correctly.

Could you check this?


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Thank you for reaching out to us.

I am unable to replicate this issue. I can retrieve the data properly.


If the problem is hard to reproduce, please contact the Eikon Support team directly via MyRefinitiv to investigate this issue.

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Yes, it's hard to reproduce. As I mentioned in my question this happens randomly.

I opened the case with the Eikon Support team. No solution yet.

I'm copying here all the information I provided them :


I’m adding the screenshot of our response handler for your devs. In red is the response we get for the RICs that must have the data, but the error comes instead:


Last time it happened with .MX RICs. Yesterday we ran the same query and it was fine.

(1 week ago we changed our requests to use 20 RICs in a batch request instead of 500. When we use 500 in a query, and if the issue appears, then we get hundreds of RICs without the data. This was the reason we change it to 20.)

On June 9, around 4000 RICs from the USA market returned no TR.ISINCode.

I don't know what exactly is wrong, but this looks like a bug. Maybe there is an internal timeout in Eikon logic, or maybe some cache gets corrupted... I don't know. But sometimes the data is not coming and we don't know about it, because no meaningful error is returned.

Another observation: if I go to Eikon immediately after an issue occurred, and check the data in META - ISIN is always there. However, if I check DIB, sometimes TR.ISINCode field does not exist.

One more observation: if I run the query a second time after an issue is occurred, it returns all the data correctly.

I hope this information helps.


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