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Retrieve the Parent equity RIC with bond ISIN: Incomplete lists

Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve the parent euqity RIC using the bond ISIN. Following the previous tasks and questions proposed like Retrieval of Parent equity close prices via Bond RIC - Forum | Refinitiv Developer Community and Retrieval of Equity Instrument Data via Bond Instrument Identifier - Forum | Refinitiv Developer Community I use the following codes:

df = pd.read_excel(' ')

parent = df['Parent Immed Org ID'].astype(str).tolist()
df2, e = ek.get_data(parent, ['TR.RIC','TR.PrimaryQuote','TR.OrganizationID']

Most of the equities RIC are obtained, however, some of the RIC are missing. For example, the bond ISIN is 'AT0000A2JSN2'( with Isser Name is 'EVN AG', whose Parent Immed Org ID is '105701684'), whose equity RIC can not be found.

Is there any other way that I can get these RICs?

Many thanks.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. There are a lot of IDs.

df, err = ek.get_data(['AT0000A2JSN2'],['TR.UltimateParentId', 


Then, I used those IDs to get TR.RIC.

df, err = ek.get_data(["5000003197","109442","10024","105701684"],


As far as I know, RICs are available for public organizaions.

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Hi Jiralongse,

Thank you for your response. May I ask if there is a way that I can only retrieve RICs of common shares (ordinary shares) and exclude the preference shares? Many thanks.


Can you provide sample instruments that return preference shares?

Typically, the get_data method retrieved data by using instruments and fields. Each field has its own parameters. You can use the Data Item Browser to search for fields and parameters.

Otherwise, you can use the search feature in the Refinitiv Data Library for Python to search for instruments. For more information, please refer to this Building Search into your Application Workflow article.

You can also refer to the sample code on GitHub.

Hi @Jirapongse

For example, I used your suggested code to retrieve RICs like follows:

df = pd.read_excel('')

parent = df['Issuer Organization ID'].astype(str).tolist()
df2, e = ek.get_data(parent, ['TR.RIC','TR.PrimaryQuote'])

However, I notice that for bond isin code 'BRTRPLDBS071','BRTRPLDBS089',whose issuer name is 'CTEEP - COMPANHIA DE TRANSMISSAO DE ENERGIA ELETRICA PAULISTA' with issuer Organization ID as '137140'. Its RIC retrieved from the API is 'TRPL4.SA', which is a referred stock RIC, however, when I find it by the issuer name through workspase, the listed RIC is 'TRPL3.SA', which is ordinary stock RIC. Is there a way to only get the ordinary stock RIC through the code?


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