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What could be reason of receiving STATE like [Open / Suspect / None / 'Request timeout'] Using EMA?

We are getting STATE like [Open / Suspect / None / 'Request timeout'] continuously for certain ITEMs, But for other items we do get response and no issue. It seems EMA does not return back anything for these items. Is there anything we need to take care from our side?

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Hello @gaurav.mahajan

EMA Java sends Open / Suspect / None / 'Request timeout' to the application when it does not receive the refresh message (the first data message) of the requested item from the server within the request timeout (default is 15 seconds). It seems the default timeout, 15 seconds, is not long enough for the server to send the refresh of requested items to your application.

The request timeout in EMA Java is defined by the Consumer’s parameter named RequestTimeout(in milliseconds). The parameter is explained in [Elektron-SDK Java]\Ema\Docs\EMAJ_DevGuide.pdf shown below:

Please set RequestTimeout to be the longest timeout which you can accept to wait for a refresh message of a requested item. For example to set it to be 120 seconds which is 120000 milliseconds in a Consumer node named "Consumer_1"(default Consumer node):

	<Name value="Consumer_1"/>
    	<RequestTimeout value="120000"/>

If the problem still occurs after increasing RequestTimeout , the server side should be investigated why it does not send the refresh messages back or why it spends too long time to process items/sends refresh messages back. Please contact your server’s administrator or Thomson Reuters Account team if the server side is owned by Thomson Reuters to investigate/fix the server side.

If your server’s administrator/you require any help about Thomson Reuters products which are on your server side e.g. TREP(ADS/ADH), EZD, Elektron Edge. Please submit the query to the product support team who can assist you on this via At “Select product”, please select the product which you requires help e.g. ADS-Advanced Distribution Server for ADS, Thomson Reuters Elektron Connect for EZD.

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