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Dismount user from ADS server on a datafeed outage

Hi Team,

We have setup two TREP servers in two different multicast group. Both servers have ADH and ADS running on it. They are live-live mode and have ELEKTRON_DD feed and some other vendor data feeds available in the servers.

What we are tying to achieve is to setup the infra like this: when one data feed is down in the ADS server, all user subscripting to this data feed will get dismounted, but other users that subscripting to the other data feed wont get impacted.

We have tried to modify the below parameters to achieve it. But whenever the ELEKTRON feed is down, all users (ELEKTRON users and vendor data users) that connecting to that ADS will get disconnected.

*ELEKTRON_DD*dismountOnOutage : True
*ELEKTRON_DD*disconnectServiceDown : True
*ELEKTRON_DD*discourageRequestsOnOutage : True
*ads*disconnectServiceList : ELEKTRON_DD
*ads*disconnectSingleSrcDown : True

Would you please advise what parameter in rmds.cnf that we can use to achieve our design?

Please let me know if you have any further question



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Hello @nikita.ou,

On this question, we have consulted with our infrastructure expert, and have confirmed that you will not be able to achieve this exact disconnection behavior with infrastrusture configuration.

The two available choices are: either disconnect if all services are down or disconnect if a specific service is down. There is no check to see which services the user is connected to.

The way I see it, one can work to implelement this requirement on the consumer application side, and it will have to be the complete handling. The application will not be able to take advantage of any available fault-taulerance/fail-over API features, will open and manage two(+) infra sessions, each to a single infra(ADS), registering for and reacting to, any relevant changes in status.

Another potential solution is, to explore adding an ADS and splitting, one ADS with Elektron service only, another ADS with vendor services only.

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