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How to get interest rate by ELEKTRON_DD API

hi,I used to get currency by ELEKTRON_DD, and now we also buy interest rate service. when I tried to change currency code(CNYUSD=R) into interest rate code (USDONFSR=) What it returns is NaN (empty) for all fields.

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Hi @muweijia

Looking at your code snippets etc, you say that when you change the RIC you no longer get any data back.

Are you logging/outputting any StatusMsg to the console or log file?

It could be that you are not entitled / permissioned for the different RICs and in which case you would get a StatusMsg back communicating this to you. The StautsMsg is handled by the onStatusMsg callback you define in your OmmConsumerClient implementation.

If you are not sure, then as recommended by my colleague, you should run a simple example like example100 with the different RICs and see if you get any data or status msg.

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Hi @muweijia

I would like to clarify that you are using Eikon Data API (Python) ?

If so you can follow this sample code to find field you are interested and and use Eikon Data APIs to retrieve them.

1. Use DIB to find any fields.

2. Retrieve the fields on Eikon Data APIs

In this sample, I request for CF_BID and CF_LAST fields.

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sorry...I am using Eikon Data API (java) .and my code are as follows

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Hi @muweijia

So you are using Elektron Messaging API (EMA) (Not Eikon Data API).

I moved this question to EMA Java forum.

I strongly advise you to look at the example series 100


Here is the sample code:

Here is the refresh message:

You have to know which field you are looking for (Maybe BID and TRDPRC_1 ?)

    domain="MarketPrice Domain"
    state="Open / Ok / None / 'All is well'"
    itemGroup="00 01"
    permissionData="03 01 01 34 20 c0"
    Payload dataType="FieldList"
        FieldList FieldListNum="92" DictionaryId="1"
            FieldEntry fid="1" name="PROD_PERM" dataType="UInt" value="3420"
            FieldEntry fid="2" name="RDNDISPLAY" dataType="UInt" value="153"
            FieldEntry fid="4" name="RDN_EXCHID" dataType="Enum" value="214"
            FieldEntry fid="6" name="TRDPRC_1" dataType="Real" value="1.79263"
            FieldEntry fid="7" name="TRDPRC_2" dataType="Real" value="1.79"
            FieldEntry fid="8" name="TRDPRC_3" dataType="Real" value="1.8055"
            FieldEntry fid="9" name="TRDPRC_4" dataType="Real" value="1.80825"
            FieldEntry fid="10" name="TRDPRC_5" dataType="Real" value="1.82075"
            FieldEntry fid="22" name="BID" dataType="Real" value="1.79263"
            FieldEntry fid="23" name="BID_1" dataType="Real" value="1.79"
            FieldEntry fid="24" name="BID_2" dataType="Real" value="1.8055"
            FieldEntry fid="53" name="TRD_UNITS" dataType="Enum" value="5"
            FieldEntry fid="115" name="BID_TICK_1" dataType="Enum" value="1"
            FieldEntry fid="259" name="RECORDTYPE" dataType="UInt" value="241"
            FieldEntry fid="270" name="ACT_TP_1" dataType="Enum" value="26"
            FieldEntry fid="271" name="ACT_TP_2" dataType="Enum" value="27"
            FieldEntry fid="272" name="ACT_TP_3" dataType="Enum" value="27"
            FieldEntry fid="393" name="PRIMACT_1" dataType="Real" value="1.79263"
            FieldEntry fid="394" name="PRIMACT_2" dataType="Real" value="1.79"
            FieldEntry fid="395" name="PRIMACT_3" dataType="Real" value="1.8055"
            FieldEntry fid="728" name="BCAST_REF" dataType="Rmtes" value="INT-US"
            FieldEntry fid="825" name="CROSS_SC" dataType="Enum" value="0"
            FieldEntry fid="831" name="CTBTR_1" dataType="Rmtes" value="IBA"
            FieldEntry fid="836" name="CTB_LOC1" dataType="Rmtes" value="LON"
            FieldEntry fid="875" name="VALUE_DT1" dataType="Date" value="10 OCT 2019"
            FieldEntry fid="876" name="VALUE_DT2" dataType="Date" value="09 OCT 2019"
            FieldEntry fid="877" name="VALUE_DT3" dataType="Date" value="08 OCT 2019"
            FieldEntry fid="995" name="GEN_TEXT16" dataType="Rmtes" value="10/10/19"
            FieldEntry fid="1000" name="GV1_TEXT" dataType="Rmtes" value="FIX   "
            FieldEntry fid="1001" name="GV2_TEXT" dataType="Rmtes" value="USD"
            FieldEntry fid="1003" name="GV4_TEXT" dataType="Rmtes" value="ON"
            FieldEntry fid="1010" name="VALUE_TS1" dataType="Time" value="10:55:04:000:000:000"
            FieldEntry fid="1011" name="VALUE_TS2" dataType="Time" value="10:55:04:000:000:000"
            FieldEntry fid="1012" name="VALUE_TS3" dataType="Time" value="10:55:04:000:000:000"
            FieldEntry fid="1080" name="PREF_DISP" dataType="UInt" value="0"
            FieldEntry fid="1275" name="GN_TXT32_1" dataType="Rmtes" value="(blank data)"
            FieldEntry fid="1383" name="DSO_ID" dataType="UInt" value="16416"
            FieldEntry fid="3263" name="PREV_DISP" dataType="UInt" value="0"
            FieldEntry fid="3364" name="MPV" dataType="Enum" value="(blank data)"
            FieldEntry fid="5357" name="CONTEXT_ID" dataType="Real" value="3016.0"
            FieldEntry fid="6401" name="DDS_DSO_ID" dataType="UInt" value="12403"
            FieldEntry fid="6480" name="SPS_SP_RIC" dataType="Ascii" value=".[SPSLIBL1"

To iterate on field on the message, you can take a look at example number 120 (MarketPrice_FieldListWalk)

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