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How to resolve error: "Error: 1002 Invalid IPC Mount Opcode "

When I tried the Training sample: Cons113, I got the following error:

TimeStamp: 20:38:58.209
ClientName: ChannelCallbackClient
Severity: Warning
Text: Received ChannelDownReconnecting event on channel Channel_4
Instance Name Consumer_4_1
RsslReactor 0x0x274e3b0
RsslChannel 0x0x271a3c0
Error Id -1
Internal sysError 11
Error Location /home/sunj/dev/Real-Time-SDK/Cpp-C/Eta/Impl/Reactor/rsslReactorWorker.c:1241
Error Text </home/sunj/dev/Real-Time-SDK/Cpp-C/Eta/Impl/Transport/rsslSocketTransportImpl.c:6909> Error: 1002 Invalid IPC Mount Opcode: (0)

I am using Real-Time-SDK (download from github).

Can anyone help me resolve it? thanks

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Hi @jxu2

Can you attach the full output from the example as a .txt file so we can see what if anything is happening before and after the above error? Please remove any machineID / password / token etc from the output, before posting.

I suspect this may require some deeper offline investigation - but we can check to see if there are any further clues in the output.



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This example demonstrates how to connect and consume real-time data from Refinitiv Real-Time Optimized (Cloud).

I can run it properly by following the steps mentioned in this article. Please refer to the Running an EMA example section.

You may need to verify the Channel_4 configurations in the EmaConfig.xml file.

It should look like this:

                        <Name value="Channel_4"/>
                        <ChannelType value="ChannelType::RSSL_ENCRYPTED"/>
                        <CompressionType value="CompressionType::None"/>
                        <GuaranteedOutputBuffers value="5000"/>
                        <!-- EMA discovers a host and a port from RDP service discovery for the specified location
                            when both of them are not set and the session management is enable. -->
                        <Location value="us-east"/>
                        <EnableSessionManagement value="1"/>
                        <EncryptedProtocolType value="EncryptedProtocolType::RSSL_SOCKET"/>
                        <!-- ObjectName is optional: defaulted to ""                                                                                            -->
                        <ObjectName value=""/>
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What's the meaning of 'IPC'? and 'Error: 1002 Invalid IPC Mount Opcode'? Thanks.

IPC should stand for Inter-Process Communication.

This error indicates that the API cannot negotiate or understand the connection type or protocol type used in the connection. The server may not support the requested connection type or protocol type. We may need to verify the settings on a client and a server.

Thanks Jirapongse. Yes that's the configuration problem.

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