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Handle :The remote party closed the WebSocket connection without completing the close handshake.

We have established a WebSocket connection for fetching rates(as we need the rates instantaneously), when we send the refresh token received to keep the connection running we face an Exception :

After this we try to start the connection again we get another exception :

Our Usecase needs the extraction to be instantaneous.

Could you please help to advise and explain how to fix this issue?

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You may need to contact the Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized support team via MyRefinitv to verify why the server cut the connection.

Typically, there are two main reasons for the server to cut the connection.

1. The buffer overflow on the server-side. It could be from the network bandwidth or the application is a slow consumer. If the application subscribes to a lot of items and the update rate is higher than the rate that the application can handle, the server can cut the connection due to the overflow condition. To avoid this issue, the application must process the retrieved message as fast as possible.

2. The ping timeout on the server. The server will regularly send heartbeat messages (ping messages) every 20 seconds. The application must send pong messages back to the server when receiving ping messages. If the server does not receive any messages from the application for three consecutive ping messages, the server will cut the connection.

You need to contact the server team to verify the server log for a reason of disconnection.

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Support team has provided this below error from server log -

OpenAmRestException code: 401, message: null, errorCode: 106, errorMessage: iPlanet session has been expired.

Please advise how to get rid of this error just to let you know error occurs just after new token received from authentication service and we try to pass authtoken to streaming server.

Also please note Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized support team has discarded the possibility of above two mentioned reasons after looking into the server log.

Hello @shankar.gupta0

The "iPlanet session has been expired." message is returned from the RDP API Gateway. This error message is not related to how the application handles the authentication token.

The RTO support team should be able to contact the RDP API Gateway team to investigate this issue further.

Hi Shankar,

Do you have any further update about this? I am also getting the same error everyday after 1:00am



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