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Subscribe to the Source Directory Information

I used the following code to register the client to the source directory domain

		.attrib(ElementList().addAscii(ENAME_APP_ID, "127")
			.addUInt(ENAME_ROLE, 1)
	receiver = new OmmConsumer(OmmConsumerConfig().config(configMap));
	receiver->registerClient(loginMsg, (*this), closure);
	receiver->registerClient(directoryMsg, (*this), closure);

and in sample provider gave the following result.

what could be the reason for this is it a problem with the configurations I'm using.

Client Channel fd=4 is now ACTIVE
Connection is from eta3.0.2.L1.rrg|ema3.0.3.15.linux 64-bit Shared Library(Optimized) device.

Received Login Request for Username: user

Compression Stats Bytes In: 30 Uncompressed Bytes In: 30
Using 60 as pingTimeout for Channel 4

Received Source Directory Request

Compression Stats Bytes In: 20 Uncompressed Bytes In: 20

Received Dictionary Request for DictionaryName: RWFFld

Compression Stats Bytes In: 59 Uncompressed Bytes In: 29

Received Dictionary Request for DictionaryName: RWFEnum

Compression Stats Bytes In: 0 Uncompressed Bytes In: 30

channelInactive fd=4 <<Impl/ripcsrvr.c:6654> Error:1002 ripcRead() failure. Connection reset by peer
Closing dictionary stream id 4 with dictionary name: RWFFld
Closing dictionary stream id 5 with dictionary name: RWFEnum
Closing source directory stream id 2 with service name: DIRECT_FEED
Closing login stream id 1 with user name: user
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for other domains like login, dictionary and market price I can subscribed through registerclient method without issue.

Is there specific configurations for source directory domain.

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Hi @thimalk

The "Connection reset by peer" means that the connection has been terminated by other side. This means that the EMA consumer application cut the connection. The EMA log and your EMA consumer output needs to be verified. Could you provide these logs?

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I have attached the ema log related to this.

please let me know if you need anymore detail

emalog.txt (32.4 KiB)


The ema log looks fine. I have also tried your code. My application can receive directory response properly. What happened in your EMA application once the issue occurred? Do you have any console log?

Moreover, how does your application handle the directory response in the callback function?

thimalk avatar image thimalk veerapath.rungruengrayubkul

I found the error, as you said problem is with the callback function.

I'm trying to access all messages as market price messages and when I access a source directory message like that all reuters thread will exit without any error.

Now I added filter for each message and handle them separately and now it working correctly

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Hi @thimalk

Please confirm which sample Provider you are using?

And also include the configuration you are using for the Consumer and Provider.


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@Umer Nalla

I'm using the programmatic configuration, and I have included the configurations as an attachment config.txt

for provider I'm using ETA provider in applications/Examples/Provider with default configurations

Can this configurations has any effect on this.

config.txt (2.9 KiB)