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The step of implement World-check one API

Hi Experts,

I am new in World check one API so i have some questions need your help to clarify.

1. If we use the Check Type = "World-Check" in UI to screen data, but in API method, the Items Enum of providerTypes do not contain the "World-Check" type. Which providerTypes should we use?

*refer below picture, please ignore the rectangle marked as red.

2. If we enable the "Auto resolve mismatch cases as false" in World check one UI, when we start using API to send data, Do we need to set it again?

3. According to my understanding, the steps for the initial case will as below, could you kindly help to check is it correct?

Step 1: create a new case
Step 2: Perform synchronous screening for a new case
Step 3: Enable ongoing screening for a case
Step 4: Get screening results
4. Regarding the Step1 in question 3 - create a new case, when launching this step,

1) Will it process screening automatically?
2) I saw below description in "Create a new case" section, it shows "Creates a new Case for asynchronous screening". Is it only for asynchronous screening? If we want to do synchronous screening?


5. If we want to get the result "No matched found" or "Unresolved match", can you kindly advise the API name so that we can get those information?

Many thanks!

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1 Answer

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Hi @rebecca.hsieh, thanks for reaching out to us!
I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability:

1. The "providerTypes" you should use is "WATCHLIST" in the API, as it is equivalent to the "World-Check" under "Check Types"

2. The settings you have in the World-Check WebUI apply to your API, so no.

3. Yes - this is everything that happens behind the scenes when you are sending the API endpoint:

4. If you want to do synchronous screening, please see the provided endpoint above. All of the steps you listed in the previous point happen synchronously when you call on that endpoint (cases/screeningRequest) that is mentioned.

5. You can call on endpoint{caseSystemId}/results and search for "resolution". If the value is null, then that means the match is yet unresolved.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!


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