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Is Eikon API compatible with Win 11 system?


I have been using Eikon API with no problem, both on my workbook (Windows 10) and via the virtual lab (I am not sure which system it uses).

I recently got a new laptop with Win 11 and I couldn't get API working properly on this new laptop. The error messages include:

no proxy address identified.
Check if Eikon Desktop or Eikon API Proxy is running.


2022-09-15 20:39:40,901 P[24756] [MainThread 24820] TimeoutException on HTTP request: ReadTimeout('')
2022-09-15 20:39:40,901 P[24756] [MainThread 24820] HTTP TimeoutException: .

I have tried a few potential solutions that I found in the forum, including:

- reinstall Eikon / restart machine

- upgrade / downgrade Eikon & httpx

- Eikon API troubleshooting: it already deviated at step 5 (Locate "APIPROXY" and "API Proxy is available on port XXXX" in the log file. By default, the port is 9060). No APIPROXY/API Proxy found in my log file.

- set proxy: couldn't make it work neither.

Then I came to a realization, that the problem might be the operating system itself. Is this indeed the case? Will there be a version update so that I can use it in the future on win 11 laptop? I would love to hear a confirmation from someone who knows what the problem really is.

Thank you for any possible help.

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

I checked this page and found that it doesn't mention Windows 11. You need to contact the Eikon support team directly via MyRefinitiv to confirm it.

If you are unable to see APIPROXY in the SxS log file, it indicates that the API proxy service is not running on the machine. Please contact the Eikon support team to verify what the problem is.


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