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Port number was not identified. Check if Eikon Desktop or Eikon API Proxy is running.

Hey together,
I would like to connect to the Eikon API via Python. Currently I have the following versions installed:

Python: 3.9.16
eikon: 1.1.2

httpx: 0.14.2

Refinitiv Desktop 4.0.61

But I also tried with newer and different version of eikon (eg 1.1.16) and httpx (eg 0.23.3) but got the same. I am behind a corporate proxy, in case this is the problem, how can I add specific proxy information? I have already read some posts here, but nothing has really helped.

Following Error:


I have also changed the following setting:


I have an additional question: is it necessary to have the desktop version installed on the system? I only want to use Python API. For example, what would I do if I can't install the desktop version and want to get data through the API (e.g. in a Linux environment)?

Thanks a lot for the help

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Hi @marcel.kuhn ,

I'm sorry to hear that you're facing this issue. First, I'd like to ask if you have reviewed the article Eikon Data API(Python) Troubleshooting | Refinitiv for troubleshooting steps.

About the additional question, the Eikon Desktop or Refinitiv Workspace application is required to be installed to be able to use the Eikon Data API (as mentioned in the Eikon Data API - Quick start guide). However, our newer Python library, Refinitiv Data Library for Python can be used to connect to the platform session (no desktop application required), you may check its quick start guide at Refinitiv Data Library for Python - Quick Start guide for more detail and you can discuss with your Refinitiv account representative regarding the credentials for platform session.

I hope that this information is of help

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thanks for the fast response.

I have gone through the troubleshooting steps, but I was not able to do all steps.The SxS-File looks like:


Can not see any entry for "create APIPROXY"...There is also no file "APIProxy.<datetime>.p<process-id>.txt" on my machine... so probably the Proxy is not starting?

Eikon Desktop is running on my machine. I tried to connect again via jupyter notebook but still no success:

But anyway, the troubleshooting steps are not steps to solve any problem, right? Because the only solution in the end is: "A general guideline is to restart your machine and the Eikon Desktop application." So just rebooting is not enough for me... I think it has something to do with the DATA API PROXY on my machine... but is there anything more I could do than just performe a restart?

Thanks for the additional information. I will have a look at the new Python library (direct access to the platform)...

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You should see this line in the SxS file.


If you don't see this line or there is no file "APIProxy.<datetime>.p<process-id>.txt", the API proxy may not be started properly or your Eikon account doesn't have permission to use the API. You may need to contact the Eikon support team to verify what the problem is.

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