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TRKD Websockets API unresolved reference (Options addOption())

I am trying one of the sample streaming examples in Java from the TR Dev Portal with TRKD using websockets for streaming data. I seem to be missing a jar file to satisfy the reference to a couple of classes, which I think should be in cli-commons.jar. However, adding this to the build path (in Eclipse) does not help. The lines of source with unresolved references are pasted below. The particular example I am trying to run is, but the unresolved references apply to all the java examples.

form the Websocket API downloads here:

The unresolved references are (in all the Java examples): lines 53-61


options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("port").hasArg().desc("port").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("app_id").hasArg().desc("app_id").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("user").hasArg().desc("user").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("position").hasArg().desc("position").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("password").hasArg().desc("password").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("auth_hostname").hasArg().desc("auth_hostname").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("auth_port").hasArg().desc("auth_port").build()); options.addOption(Option.builder().longOpt("help").desc("help").build());

And in lines 114, 115

builder.loadTrustMaterial(null, new TrustSelfSignedStrategy());

SSLConnectionSocketFactory sslsf = new SSLConnectionSocketFactory(, NoopHostnameVerifier.INSTANCE);

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@mark.ringrose - TRKD is a different product and not related to the Elektron Websocket API, that you are referring to here. I am moving this question into appropriate category.

To compile the Java samples, look at ivy.xml file for a list of dependencies, or use ivy package manager to download and manage it automatically.

In my machine, I have following jar files in the classpath to compile and run:

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