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What's the best practice to deal with "**F10: Service Down" status in Refinitiv Real-time Websocket API?


We are subscribing fixed income tickers from Refinitiv Real-time Optimized - Websocket RDP API. Occasionally our program receives messages like this:

[{"ID":7,"Type":"Status","Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"EURAB3E30Y="},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down"}},{"ID":145,"Type":"Status","
Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"CHFAB6L3Y="},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down"}},{"ID":153,"Type":"Status","Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"CHFAB6L4Y="
},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down"}},{"ID":383,"Type":"Status","Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"JPYSB6L20Y="},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Tex
t":"**F10: Service Down"}},{"ID":326,"Type":"Status","Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"USDSB3L7Y="},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down"}},{"ID":106,"Type":"Stat
us","Key":{"Service":"ELEKTRON_DD","Name":"USDSB3L30Y="},"State":{"Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down"}}]

We are wondering what the best practice to deal with it is. Currently we disconnect and reconnects, re-sending the login request but it always fail with:

"State":{"Stream":"Closed","Data":"Suspect","Code":"UsageError","Text":"Login rejected. Already pending login."}}]

and only succeeds after ~20 min.

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1 Answer

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Hello @bhansen

The "Stream":"Open","Data":"Suspect","Text":"**F10: Service Down" status message means the item stream is opened, but the data is not available because the "ELEKTRON_DD" service on the RTO server-side is down.

Basically, the WebSocket server automatically recovers the item subscription for the application when the service is up again.

However, I recommend you contact the RTO server support team if you continue encountering this "Service Down" issue. You can submit a ticket to the team via the page.


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