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Limit Exceeded Issue in EMA Consumer application - News and market data

Hello ,

I am getting the below Item state on refresh message while subscribing for PNAC of a News

Closed / Suspect / Too many items / 'A20: Aggregate item limit exceeded ' .

I understand that I have subscribed to too many PNAC's , i would like to understand few more things .

1 . Is there a limitation on subscriptions per second , or number of active subscriptions ?

2 . What is the limit in production . ?

3 . I have about 4000 RIC's to subscribe for streaming data , and news subscription goes on all time .

Should I split the list and subscribe under multiple instances , or proceed with all at once ?

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Hi @yajnasteju

A few things to clarify here.

The user Item limit will be set by your Market Data team - so you can contact them to discuss your needs and whether they can increase this.

However, if you are consuming News then the above should not affect you because for PNAC codes you should use Snapshot request - so that stream is closed off after you receive the refresh for the PNAC. Obviously the N2_UBMS will need to be streaming request.

The final thing to note is that as I mentioned in my previous post N2_UBMS will be phased out in the near future and therefore you need to be using MRN_STORY for any new development involving News consumption. Otherwise, you will be looking at rewriting your app in the near future.

Note that to consume MRN data your Elektron feed (and TREP versions) will need to be fairly recent versions. Please ask your Market Data team to speak to their Thomson Reuters Technical account manager for further details.

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Hi @umer.nalla,

Thanks for the revert ,

I completely developed my app based on N2_UBMS .

Also , When I subscribe for MRN_STORY , i get - ' Item not found ' , Is it anything like a account specific access ?

In order to adapt to MRN_NEWS , is it that i need to just change the FID's and parse the data or are there flow level changes required . Kindly share any documentation for MRN_NEWS .

As mentioned in my reply, newer versions of Elektron feed etc are required for the newer MRN_STORY usage.

Please advise what MRN_NEWS is?

Links to further documentation on the MRN data models are on the MRN Tutorials pages - which explain how to consume MRN_STORY data


EMA Java - MRN

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The A20 message is generated by ADS Server. Refer to ADS Installation Guide, This status is sent when the application tries to open an item but the aggregateItemLimit for the user has been reached. aggregateItemLimit is the maximum number of items which the specified user is allowed to have open simultaneously across all services. Please check the value of the parameter with your infrastructure admin. You need to increase this parameter value on ADS server, if the user needs more items. Or you may need to limit number of item the application open simultaneously.

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